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Gato Audio DIA-400 S Integrated

High End Class D Integrated Amplifier

"...the Gato transforms my listening space into a concert hall and make the illusion perfect; you think you’re in the first row, you forget time and space."



The reference in Class-D amplification just got even better! The Gato Audio DIA-400S is all about merging the best sound quality with the best and most versatile features. !

S stands for "Super"
  The all new Gato Audio DIA-400S has been thoroughly updated compared to the standard DIA-400. We wanted to get the performance even closer to that of our AMP-150 integrated amplifier but keeping all the versatile features and even adding a high quality aptX Bluetooth receiver. The DIA-400S has not only become one of the best sounding Class-D amplifiers but also the most flexible available.


We changed and improved the electrical circuits and layouts in more than twenty ways, the most significant being:

  • Optimized 'mains filter

  • Improved general and local power supplies

  • New input stage

  • Improved output stage

  • New analogue stages in the D/A converter

  • Improved digital signal routing

  • Updated firmware

  • Improved connectors

  • Incorporated aptX Bluetooth module


Even though the DIA-400S is a rather expensive amplifier, it dares to be compared directly to exotic Class-D amplifiers at twice or four times the price. It features the best Class-D amplification technology available and combined with our delicate analogue circuits - the result is absolutely world class sonic performance. The DIA-400S is recognizable by its clock like ring around the solid volume knob.


Our reference in Class-D Amplification
The DIA-400S amplifier offers a state of the art Class-D output stage with dedicated and optimized switch mode power supplies. The multiple stage power amplifier is built around proven technology from International Rectifier, optimized with a precision high frequency oscillator and PWM modulator. A pair of precision switching MOS-FET transistors, with super low on-resistance ensures the high frequency switching is done perfectly and with as little loss as possible. The output filters are made from quality PP capacitors and low DCR coils, converting the high power PWM signals back into detailed and smooth analogue.

More than just an Amp
The built-in D/A converter offers real high end performance, enabled by the use of a dedicated power supply, a balanced-drive Burr-Brown PCM1794 D/A converter, an optimized high bandwidth I/V converter, and an analogue stage with low-Q, low pass filters. All digital inputs are upsampled to 24bit/192kHz. This D/A converter will upgrade any digital source - such as wired or wireless streaming from your computer or CD drive - to a high end level of detail and musical performance.


Versatility and Connectivity
 We had our eye on versatility and connectivity when designing this amplifier. The DIA-400S offers not only a wide range of digital and analogue inputs, but also line outputs, a trigger signal for external power amplifiers, and a configurable home theater input.
The HT input can turn the amplifier into a fixed level power amplifier for use in a surround setup, without compromising the sonic performance.

Unlimited Digital Music Sources 
This amplifier can be "bent" in more ways that you can imagine. With AptX Bluetooth, USB or Toslink input, you have direct access to all the music services the world has to offer.

Turn your DIA-400S into a High Performance Roon Ready Network Player 
Adding a Network Player Module to your DIA-400S is a powerful way of transforming your amplifier into a High Performance Roon Ready network streamer NPM - Network Player Module. It connects to the network by Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, and is controlled by a smartphone or tablet app or as a Roon endpoint. The following services are supported:

Roon Ready


Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 10.53.49 PM.png

Summary of Main Features
2 x 400W@8ohm / 2 x 800W@4ohm
Class D output stage
Built in 24bit/192kHz D/A converter with upsampling
Coax and asynchronous USB digital input up to 24bit/192kHz, optical up to 24bit/96kHz
aptX Bluetooth receiver, supports 24bit/48kHz
Accepts digital streaming directly from Apple iPhone or iPad
Two unbalanced and one balanced inputs
Nonmagnetic enclosure
Direct function; enables use in home theater systems

Network Module Features :
Built in Roon Ready Network Player, App controlled with integrated Tidal,
Qobuz and Deezer
Network connection with Ethernet cable or WiFi (WPS supported)
Audio formats: MQA (Roon), AAC, AIFF, MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA, Apple Lossless, OGG, Monkey's, Supports gapless playback

Designed, developed and built in Copenhagen, Denmark

€ 3,845 / Integrated & DAC
€ 4
,395 / Integrated & DAC / Streamer

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Please Note :

The price quoted at the date of order includes free shipping


Gato Specifications


2x 400 W RMS 8 Ω - 2x 800 W RMS 4 Ω

20 Hz-20 kHz - 0.5 dB, and 2 Hz-70 kHz - 3 dB

< 0,01% at rated power

< 0,001% pre out

> 110 dB

20 kΩ RCA or 40 kΩ Balanced

26 dB

4 -16 Ω

13V balanced, 6.5V unbalanced



1 x gold plated XLR Neutrik

1 x gold plated RCA


1 x USB type B, 1 x Toslink, 1 x RCA, 1 x aptX Bluetooth


1 x gold plated XLR Neutrik


1 x gold plated RCA


2 pair of gold plated safety banana

12 V    1 x mini jack


115 VAC/230 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 1600W max

STANDBY / IDLE / MAX :  < 1W / 35W / 1600W

325 x 105 x 420 mm / 12.8 x 4.1 x 16.5 in

13 kg / 28.7 lb





What they say ...

"Those who run from Class D amps can hang up their Nikes"



   "if looks could kill ..."


Laying eyes on the DIA-400 S cabinet was worth a review in itself. Danes know all about high class Design, and Gato is one of the most beautifully elegant and tasteful things made by amplifier designers on the planet.  Period.


First, there is the perfectly brushed aluminum front, then the beguilingly curved aluminum sides, and last but not least, the tantalizing "coup-de-grace" top plate ... which can be ordered in either black or white piano lacquer, as well as in a high-gloss lacquered walnut ... and it is especially this last one that is nothing short of pure "hifi porn".


The front is dominated by two dimmable displays that show volume and input (and the digital converter’s sampling rate), and a huge volume knob. Two small buttons are for standby and input selection ...

The whole gestalt is incredibly delicious and symmetrical !


 "about the sound"

Many amongst us have been skeptical about the sound quality of Class D amplifiers, but now even ultrahigh-end manufacturers like to use this technology in their amplifiers. This simply means that the childhood diseases we saw in the beginning when class D appeared are gone, and that the
myth of the sound of class D (fine bass, but lifeless upper midrange and treble) can now be revisited. In any case, there is nothing about the Gato DIA-400s that indicates that the amplifier paints with a slightly wider brush and smooths over both details and dynamics upwards in the soundscape ... when compared to correspondingly priced amplifiers in class AB. On the contrary. The fact that the DIA-400 S plays extremely well for the asking price, is in fact a tremendous understatement. This amplifier was a great buy even at a 50 percent higher price, so then you can do the math yourself.


Its sound balance is relatively neutral, but is still a small notch on the warm side. However,  you should not worry too much about that. The “impact side” is minimal, and is in any case preferable to the opposite. A slightly too bright-sounding amplifier, together with speakers that pull in the same direction, can be the perfect recipe for less and less listening to music, while a slight notch on the hot side, often results in the opposite. This means that the listening sessions are "looooong", and without a hint of listening fatigue. The DIA400s belong to the latter category.


Now it must be said that a thoughtful warm sound balance, in itself, is not all that is needed for one to sit and listen. Without enough power and control to handle dynamic beats in the music, whether they are large or tiny, you will quickly have an amplifier that produces more yawns than rhythmic trampling with the legs. The Gato amplifier is able to give you tendon tension in the leg,
because even though there are even more explosive amplifiers, I have many times during the test period registered that my right foot had started to "tap" without me being aware of it. That’s an extremely good sign.


"grip 'n' grunt"

The bass Gato delivers is very good. It goes deep, has good details and strikes properly when needed. In addition, it is more organic than anemic, which means that it can reproduce complex sounds in the bass, without it becoming dry and dull. Up the midrange, I have more than once had goosebumps because of the voice reproduction that Gato sends on to the
speakers. Here are layers upon details, and Leonard Cohen’s record, which he literally recorded on his deathbed, can really give you chills. It’s like the old poet getting up from the hospital bed and standing right in front of you in the living room. It’s on the verge of magic. I have admittedly heard amplifiers in the same price range be completely magical, but it has been of the type that can give you burns if you get too clumsy (read: tube amplifiers). These have also not had a built-in streamer or digital converter. There is no upward unrolling worth mentioning either. I’ve probably heard transistor amplifiers that have been even more flourishing upwards, but they have often cost far more, so to criticize Gato for that, I think is silly. It is also worth noting that for those who like the sound drawn up large and wide between the speakers, the DIA-400s delivers excellent. It is probably not quite on par with holographic masters with tubes in both the input and output part, but this is both large enough and precise enough that at least I did not miss anything
when listening normally. It is only when I bring out the hi-fi journalist in me that such minimal differences are registered. The most important thing is that this amplifier, whether you play digitally or through the analog inputs, keeps both the music in an iron grip, and you who listen firmly in the listening position for hours. More is difficult to demand.


The Gato DIA-400s is the amplifier that should get the place of honor in
the living room. It is so beautiful that the interior designer mafia will "stare".
It plays so well that music lovers will refuse to go home, and the proverbial hi-end freaks will ask where they can buy it.


Recommended ? ... You bet !



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