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by QLN


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by QLN

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C 50

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Mats Strandberg-Andersen's Medium Sensitivity 2-Way Loudspeaker

by QLN


We proudly present a new era in Qln's history ... the birth of an independently-marketed new line under the new STRANDBERG AUDIO banner, named after QLN's founder and chief designer Mats Strandberg-Andersen.


The Strandberg C50 is a classical designed floor standing speaker with the latest drive units technology. The goal is to make an uncomplicated sound that is easy to listen to that respond well to the smallest input signal.
To achieve this we use one larger mid-woofer with low mass, instead of many small drive units. In this way we get more physical feeling of lower frequency than just the deep tone. The balance between what we hear and frequency measurements will be more correct. In other words we get more body in the sound.
Drive units with light cone is also easy to drive with a small amplifier. The larger cabinet size will make low cone mass mid-woofer breathe natural with less compression. Then we will have deep clear un compressed natural bass. 

Design Details


The cabinet is tuned to produce a natural roll-off without any ringing in step response. The cabinet is made of 19mm thick HDF-board with internal damping pads for minimizing cabinet material resonances. It is heavily braced for "stiffness", and the damping pads role is to ensure that the cabinet does not "store" sound and interfere with the correct restitution of the time domain. Natural wool is used for internal acoustic damping because it sounds best, and it provides damping over a wider frequency spectrum. Further, the wool is "loose packed" so we don’t store sound in the damping material. We however use a strict minimum of damping material, and apply it only where it provides the most benefit -- in the center and the middle of the cabinet where the air speed is at its maximum. This way, we are able to apply a minimum of damping material to achieve maximum damping of unwanted internal sound waves.



The 2 way crossover is hardwired with high-end Mundorf capacitors and baked air coils to avoid any internal component and filter resonances. The secret with crossover design is to make the driver to play together without pushing any drive unit over the comfort zone. So we have to consider the cone area together with drivers material behavior. The result is seamless transition between mid-woofer and tweeter over the crossover point and throughout the entire frequency range.


The 8” mid-woofer and tweeter drivers have been specifically selected and custom developed by industry renowned driver manufacturers and offer the latest in 21st century advanced driver technology. The  8” mid-woofer driver with titanium voice coil former and its built-in copper rings in the magnet system offers high symmetric drive suppressing intermodulation distortion. Low losses and large window in the chassis to reduce reflection air noice resulting in industry leading high-end voice handling and astonishing micro/macro dynamics in its hole frequency range.


Likewise the 30mm wide surround waveguide tweeter offers time alignment superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at listening positions. The 30mm tweeter is a perfect combination to the 8″ mid-woofer. With the lager cone area it meets the mid-woofer in natural way and make the two driver behave like one music source for the listener. The Tweeters large surround, built-in copper ring and textile dome diaphragm provides a flat frequency response above 30 KHz. Large rear acoustic chamber give low compression and move tweeter system resonance far from crossover point.

Cables and Speaker Connectors

The internal cabling is our own special design. This cable was designed by us for specific use as internal speaker cable . All components are carefully hand selected and individually tested for any deviances. WBT pure copper Nexgen binding posts are used with grip-friendly screws.


$  6,700  per pair

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C 50

  • Impedance : 8 ohms

  • Amplifier requirements : 25-150 Watt RMS

  • Tweeter : 30mm wave guide, wide surround, soft dome

  • Woofer : 200mm mid-woofer, paper cone

  • Sensitivity : 89 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m

  • Low frequency performance : -3dB 35Hz

  • Cabinet : High density board with damping pads inside

  • Terminal : WBT Single wire

  • Dimensions (HxWxD) : 1020x250x300

  • Weight : 29,0 kg each

  • Finish : Walnut matte, White matte

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Coming Fall 2022
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