The awakening of a Sleeping Beauty
Peter Bath, formerly at NAD, Acoustic Research, Proton and others, harnessed the cost efficiencies that are available from AMC's “common-platform” product design and ODM JIT SoD production efficiency to bring to market a product range that pretty much ticks all the boxes on an Audiophile’s wish list … at very attractive prices. 


Although AMC Solid State Line consists of a large number of components, we had initially selected only 2 components of particular interest for use in audiophile systems ... The 2100 MKII bridge- able Power Amp and the XPi "balanced-output" Line Preamp.

AMC 2100 MKII Power Amplifier - $ 629

What is striking about the 2100 MKII power amp is its massive current capability of 50 Amps in Mono mode ! In stereo mode it kicks out 100W RMS into 8 ohms and 140W RMS into 4 ohms. Mono Power is 250W RMS into 8 ohms. Hello loudspeakers with difficult loads ! Bi-amping is the other application of interest.

AMC XPi Solid State Preamplifier - $ 649

The XPi has it all. Symmetrical circuit technology at a price you can't believe. The XPi is conceived from PRO audio technology, but is also a great choice for music lovers.

One XLR output and two RCA outputs, trigger in and out, adjustable pre-level for each input, headphone output and bridgeable tone control. Pure technology ... seriously executed.

  • Thanks to the XPi's symmetrical [balanced] circuit and its XLR output, long lines can finally be realized with this preamplifier.

  • With the MIX function, the input signals can be added to a common signal !

  • How about a bit of "Mix and Matching" with AMC's tube power amps ?

  • One can also implement bi-amping via the two RCA outputs with 2 output stages.

  • Hmmm ... bi-amp ? ...

  • ... how about combining this one with the AMC XAi 2/4 channel amp ?

AMC XAi 2/4 Channel Power Amplifier - $ 629 

The AMC XAi 2/4 power amplifier shares the same technical PRO heritage with the XPi

and fits right in to Audiophile Land.

  • It provides either 4 x 45 watts RMS for by-amping, or 2 x 90 watts RMS.

  • It has Input Level controls for all 4 channels. So, bi-amp channel balancing is possible.


Bottom Line : bi-amping with this small power amplifier is a mighty powerful thing.

2100 MKII

Power Amplifier



Rated Power into 8 / 4 ohms

100W / 200W - RMS  / Stereo Mode

250W @ 8 ohm - RMS / Mono Mode

Rated THD


Clipping @ 1kHz into 8 ohms

115W /  Stereo  / > 300W Mono

Input Sensitivity

100mV  / 1V RMS

Input impedance

22 Kohm ohm / 150pF 

Frequency Response

20Hz-20KHz   +/-0.2dB

5Hz-110KHz  -3dB

Damping Factor

> 200

S/N Ratio

"A" WTD  - 100dB

Dimensions (WxHxD)

430 x 112 x 288 mm

Net Weight

9.5 Kgs

Shipping Weight

10.5 Kgs


Special Offer - $549


2/4 Channel Power Amplifier



Rated Power into 8/4ohms

2 x 90W - RMS  / 2-CH Mode

4 x 45W - RMS  / 4-CH Mode

Rated THD


Input Sensitivity


Input impedance

10 Kohm ohm / 200pF 

Frequency Response

20Hz-20KHz   +/-0.5dB

Damping Factor

> 100

S/N Ratio

"A" WTD  - 100dB

Dimensions (WxHxD)

430 x 53 x 285 mm

Net Weight

4.5 Kgs

Shipping Weight

6.5 Kgs


Special Offer - $549




Rated THD


S/N Ratio (ref 1V)

High Level Inputs - "A"/WTD - 98 dB

Input Sensitivity

170mV - High Level Inputs

Input impedance

High Level - 20 Kohm /450pF

Output Impedance

Unbalanced RCA 1 & 2  - 560 ohm

Unbalanced XLR  - 60 ohm

Balanced XLR - 120 ohm

Headphone - 100 ohm

Frequency Response

20Hz-20KHz   +/0.3dB

5Hz-110KHz  -3dB

Dimensions (WxHxD)

430 x112 x 288 mm

Net Weight

4.2 Kgs

Shipping Weight

4.8 Kgs


Special Offer - $599


AMC XPi Preamplifier

AMC XAi 2/4 Channel Amplifier

XPi & XAi Stack

Proprietary Topology Features

HCO Power Topology 


HCO - High Current Output Power Supplies 


Music consists of impulses. However, regular power supplies, and in particular switching power supplies, are designed statically.

The HCO technology, in contrast, provides dynamically much higher power reserves whilst delivering extremely high current output.


Toroidal power supplies, in combination with the legendary Sanken output transistors, unleash the music with all its dynamism and liveliness ... even with difficult speaker loads !

VRI - The Rotary Volume Input Topology 


A step-less potentiometer switches the source ... no switch or relay. 


The fine signals are passed on to the next amplifier stages free of contact-related losses.

Only what is not lost at the input stage, can also be restituted at the output stage !



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