Avantgarde UNO XD Loudspeaker


Our brand stands for a clear promise. And this promise begins here: our entry model.



A new entry point into the fascinating world of Avantgarde's horn speakers, and a new opportunity for those who have limited space!


With its graceful spherical 20 inch horn the Uno XD is the quintessential entry into the world of Avantgarde Acoustic™. A true thoroughbred, the Uno XD is that rarest of things, a performance speaker that combines pristine beauty with exhilarating intensity. But above all, the Uno XD encapsulates the true qualities embodied in every Avantgarde Acoustic™ system: Power, effortlessness and pure fun.


The Uno XD is exceptionally powerful, a high performance system with supreme balance, resolution and dynamics. At the heart of the system, midrange frequencies – stunnigly deep down to 300 Hz – are covered by the remarkable 20 inch spherical midrange horn powered by Avantgarde Acoustic™ ´s proprietary 5 inch M1-OMEGA driver. Above 3 kHz, the 1 inch tweeter driver H1-OMEGA with a 5 inch spherical horn complements the upper range of the frequency spectrum.


Power is nothing without control, and the Uno XD is engineered for poise and accuracy at all times. Using meticulously designed CDC–technology, the midrange has no passive filter components in the signal path – routing the music signal directly to the heart of the driver engine. Less components, less interactions, less friction ensuring exceptional detail. Purity meets Performance at its best.

The subwoofer SUB225 XD supplements the balance between spherical horn performance and low frequency reproduction. It is actuated by two impressive 10 inch long–excursion drivers, its generous power is provided by the active XD 1000 amplifier module, featuring an optimized 1000 watt Class-D amplifier that ensures effortless listening ability with super–speaker precision and agility even when pushed to the limits.


But the major feature of the XD series becomes manifest in the completely new control panel, featuring a display  and an elaborate 3-button operation that not only facilitates easy and precise adjustments of basic functions, but also accesses new advanced functions. Among them a 10 band parametric equalizer, which adjusts the bass range precisely to room acoustic requirements. And all these possibilities are even operable by a free software from PC/Windows or Mac OS computer systems.

With this newly developed DSP based input section, the Uno XD will adapt even to challenging room acoustics, and can be optimized to a level where all kinds of music are presented in a truly realistic way. Room acoustic concerns and hifi technology finally step back, and recorded music comes to live with a fascinating and immediate presence.


But the Avantgarde experience is not just about technology and performance. Sophisticated design is reflected in lean straigthness and elegance of form. A dream system with the intensity of fully grown spherical horn speakers, suitable even for smaller listening rooms, to transport their owner from ultimate relaxation to ultimate exhilaration.


$ 34,600.00  / pair     -  including 2 x SUB221 G2

Avantgarde UNO XD Loudspeaker-Gallery
Avantgarde UNO XD Loudspeaker-Gallery
Avantgarde DUO XD Loudspeaker


Welcome to the power of choice. The Duo XD is the upgraded  version of the Duo Grosso, featuring the same phenomenal spherical horn assembly combined with the significantly more powerful SUB231 subwoofer module. 

By utilizing two powerful 12 inch drivers, the dynamic headroom of the bass has been practically doubled, compared to the Duo Omega. Exclusive neodymium magnets are used for increased magnetic force and reduced driver displacement.​

The engine to push the twin drivers is the massive PA106 power block. This active module incorporates a 2 x 250 watt power amplifier with an astonishing 560VA ​toroidal transformer and a plentiful supply of 120.000 µF, giving an impression of effortlessness, a sense that endless reserves of power remain.

Great speakers must handle superbly. They should respond quickly and predictably to the music signal; they should be nimble and agile. Achieving full control to overcome the inertia of the driver mass, that is the starting point for such agility. And that´s where the PA106 power block takes full responsibility, taking advantage of Avantgarde´s genuine adaptive motional feedback circuitry. These ultrafast analogue electronics compensate for signal deviations induced by the circuit and drivers in real–time. At a glimpse of a second, insuring that the bass response is clean, profound and dynamic.​

$ 44,000.00   / pair

including 2 x SUB231 G2

Avantgarde DUO XD Loudspeaker
Avantgarde DUO XD Loudspeaker-Gallery
Avantgarde DUO XD Loudspeaker-Gallery
Avantgarde ZERO XD Loudspeaker


More integrated, compact and simple, and yet a veritable horn loudspeaker—to the very last decibel. The ZERO 1 is a dream come true—one that we have shared with many friends of our horn loudspeaker factory for over twenty years. After all, as fascinated, moved and amazed we may be by our larger acoustic transducers, we have always longed for a more compact horn loudspeaker to make the incomparable experience of Avantgarde Acoustic accessible to a wider audience of audio enthusiasts.


The ZERO 1 opens up this new road with a revolutionary size, simplified shape, hassle-free setup and fully integrated processor and amplifier technology.



Despite its clear, simplified shape and compact size, the ZERO 1 is brim-full of self confidence as it seamlessly integrated into its owner's living environment. Moreover, its recessed spherical wave horn is a shining example of functional beauty.


Digital processors, digital-to-analogue converters, power amplifiers and loudspeakers—all in a fully integrated system. And more importantly: all of a level of high-end quality hitherto unseen in this category.



The loudspeakers communicate with each other via a radio link. They only need to be hooked up to the mains with the digital input of the master loudspeaker connected to the music signal (e.g. via AirPort Express*).

That's it.

ZERO  1 XD    $ 22,000.00

including Analog Input Module



ZERO TA XD   $ 22,000.00 


Avantgarde ZERO XD Loudspeaker-Gallery
Avantgarde ZERO XD Loudspeaker-Gallery

Zero 1 Remote Control

Avantgarde TRIO XD Loudspeaker


Have a seat. Relax. Smile. And enjoy . . .


Welcome to the audiophile nirvana. Welcome to the most exhilarating, uncompromised, consequent, natural and outstanding speaker system in the world. Welcome to the Trio. The one and only Trio. The ultimate dream system with no contenders.


Let´s face it: the Trio is unique. Unique in its artistic design. Unique in its craftsmanship. Unique in its State–of–the–Art technology. Unique in its condensed–to–the–max spherical horn architecture. And last but not least: unique in a performance that is impossible to describe. As the proverb says: all good things come in three´s. Trio. That´s all that needs to be said.


Let the facts speak for themselves: The Trio is a 3–way spherical horn satellite which – below 100 Hz – is complemented with active subwoofers. The transmission of the lower frequencies is handled by the 38 inch low–midrange horn. It is driven by the new 8 inch L3Ω driver with 16 ohm OMEGA voice coil. The heart of the Trio – the midrange with coverage down to 600 Hz – is covered by the redesigned 27 ohm(!) 2 inch M3Ω driver behind the 23 inch midrange horn. The 16 ohm 1 inch tweeter H3Ω with its 7 inch horn blends in at 4 kHz.


The CDC technology allows for a minimalist concept with only 4 passive crossover components for the complete 3–way system. All capacitors have been completely redesigned and are configured with the patented CPC–technology. The sensitivity of the system is 109 dB.


In the low frequencies the Trio–series can be combined alternatively with the SUB231 subwoofer of the Duo Grosso, the ADRIC horn bass modules of the Duo Mezzo or, in its ultimate configurations, with from 2 up to 6 Basshorn modules.


To put it simply, the Trio is the best speaker available from Avantgarde Acoustic™! And let us be honest: the Trio is not necessarily prudential. But in man’s quest for the ultimate in performance, always the most fascinating things arise. The Trio is such a landmark – in respect to technology and in respect to sound. And that´s why it exists.

TRIO 19 Ohm version incl. 2 x SUB231 G2                     $    88,000

TRIO 19 Ohm version incl. 2 x SHORT BASSHORN G2     $  104,000

TRIO 19 Ohm version incl. 2 x BASSHORN G2                   $  110,000

TRIO 19 Ohm version incl. 4 x BASSHORN G2                   $  158,000

TRIO 19 Ohm version incl. 6 x BASSHORN G2                   $  205,000

Avantgarde TRIO XD Loudspeaker-Gallery
Avantgarde TRIO XD Loudspeaker-Gallery